Monday, April 18, 2011

Sping Break/Sadies 11th Birthday

Sadie is always so lucky because her birthday always falls during spring break...We usually our in California, but this year we got to go to LAS Vegas to visit my sister Cara and family . We had so much fun!!! We got to be there to watch Kelsey and Kendra in a pioneer musical that was so so amazing... They live in Boulder City ,which is the first little quaint town you come to after you pass the new hoover Damn bridge... While we were there we went to down town Vegas , our favorite part were the baby tigers , M&M factory , Co Cola factory, and the crazy people dressed up.We took the kids bowling, a bounce house ( which the kids got us to race them ), bike park , Ethel's Chocolate Factory ( which had the best peanut brittle, drizzled with chocolate..Thanks Celeste for telling us to try it,we are now hooked... The kids had fun just hanging out with there cousins playing in the neighborhood.. Good times... Not to far from Cara's house is a little candy/ice cream parlor called Grandma Daisy ( which is Jarod's Grandmas name ,so we thought that was fun)... Cara and I had so much fun going Garage selling, we even found a estate sale were Cara got some really cool bright yellow lamps and chandelier, I got a pressure cooker for a $1.50 such a steal... needless to say we came back with a truck load...good times..
Sadie Lady turned 11 which was so fun having her birthday with the cousins ( Her request was red velvet cupcakes and biscuit and gravy for dinner and she got roller skates , clothes and a new purse and wallet from kelsey..Sadie is growing up so fast , she is has such a fun personality and is a sweetheart..
Cara watched the kids on the weekend and I flew to Utah to meet Jarod for our nieces wedding. What a weekend with Ryan and Stacy with no kids ... We had lots of fun going out to dinner , watching movies, going to a sweet factory, getting massages, shopping,and being with family at the wedding.. Good times
While we were gone Cara continued to spoil the kids taking them to the pawn shop( which Sage loved),She took them to a movie,and more.. Thanks to my dear sister for watching the kids.My kids cried as I drove them home because they love being at my sisters... lol

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