Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Conference Weekend

What an uplifting weekend , just what I needed.... Saturday Sadie and Savana and I got to go wedding dress shopping with Shea (the bride to be) and Nancy ,Sonya and her girls and her best friend Kurt.My girls were in aah looking at all the beautiful dresses that filled the store. And they loved watching Shea try them on, the first dress she tried on ended up being the dress (to funny).Before we went I got to watch some of conference and then we got home I watched more ...and thank heaven for dvr the parts I missed I got to watch on Monday... Sunday morning the kids and I fixed a yummy breakfast, Sticky buns(also called monkey bread),Banana bars with cream cheese frosting,and little muffin ham egg bites.. what a treat !!! Savana said , this is a really good breakfast mommy, can we have this every morning? To cute...So after we were all fed then we went on to get spiritually fed... I am so amazed and impressed with all the talks given ,some I felt were directly to me.. So i would like to highlight a few things that touched me.
1.Have the Temple in our minds and in our homes
2.Ask in honest heart,believing we will receive answers
3.Ponder carefully to shun Satan away
4.communicate to our Heavenly Father
5.Press forward
6.willing to except correction
7.pure love, selfless
8.might ,mind,strength
9.Be an example to children
10.submissive and grateful in heart
11.To be or not To be need this child as the child needs you
13.Christ like attribute
14.move forward with patients
15.immerse yourself in prayer and scripture study
16.lift up the hand that hang down
17.draw your family to work with you so they can learn to care
for each other
18.understanding the doctrines of Christ and his attonments will give us Peace

After conference we took a drive to San Tan Mountain ,not to far from our house and walked one of the trails called Moonlight Trail .. It was so beautiful outside ,it had a little breeze and the scenery was beautiful with the cactus( Sophie said mom look at that cactus it has 3 arms or mom look at that cactus it only has one).Some of the cactus had pretty pink flowers that were bloomed. And off coarse the kids found lots of sticks and rocks along the way. Sadie held hands with her dad most of the trail. Sage was off in the wind way ahead . And Sophie ,Savana and I were holding up the rear. When we got home we had homemade icecream with brownie cookies yum ,yum!! What a treat..... Good times ......

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